Anonymous: So at dance class we're getting professional photos taken. I already have something to wear but I don't know what to do with my hair. And I can't do any amazing jumps so how do I pose? It's my first shoot, can you tell?

Decide on a few positions that you are comfortable holding for however long will be necessary for the shoot. They can be as simple or advanced as you wish. If you are in pointe shoes, first arabesque is excellent for photos if you have a long torso.

For your hair, maybe the traditional top knot or bun? If you have long hair, perhaps you could get it put into a braided bun or something similar. 

geomedie: Tips for blisters from pointe?
Anonymous: Tips for competing on your period??

Tampons, Midol and raspberry or chamomile tea. Ginger capsules if you can, they help with the fatigue that often comes with your period.

Anonymous: Tips on learning tilt..?

I’m assuming you’ve already got your splits down. If your turning leg is your left leg, that’s the leg that you want to keep on the ground. Personally I’ve never done tilt, but I found a video detailing some stretches you should do beforehand. (

She moves into the actual tilt at about 3:10.

Anonymous: Hello! I'd like to know if I'm too old to become a professional dancer. I'm 18 this year and in the intermediate foundation class. I've been dancing for 6 months and my teacher's put me en pointe. I'm not trying to brag. I just really desperately want to dance. My teacher says I progress very very fast and I may even be eligible for exams this April. Based on that I'd love to hear your opinion:) Thanks so much!

Your teacher should NOT be putting you en pointe that soon, I don’t care how well you’re doing. And unfortunately most professional dancers start long before they’re 18 (and retire in their 30s). In order to become a professional ballet dancer, you need to be born with the body, facility and musicality that a ballet career requires (High arched feet with a high instep long legs, long arms, long neck and a short torso. Full natural turnout coming from your hip rotators. long stretchy achilles tendons, slightly hyper-extended knees, a small round head and a few other things that go into making a nice line in ballet). Only 2% of the population is born with those requirements and no amount of training can change that. Then you need to train in a professional not recreational ballet school that will screen you for being in that 2% or they wont train you. Those schools are almost exclusively affiliate feeder schools to professional ballet companies. Recreational dance schools don’t have the right training to pass on to you for a ballet career.

Also, get a different teacher/school before you get injured.

Anonymous: I've been dancing since I was 4 and have done everything at least once. Jazz, ballet, modern, tap, contemporary, and hip hop. I've always been in the highest level classes since I was 8 or younger and I'm 15 now. I've focused on jazz, contemporary, and modern for about 3 years now but want to get on pointe in ballet. Is there any chance that I could start taking classes next year and through the summer to make it to pointe before graduation?

Pointe takes about two years to master, and it’s not something you want to rush. It’s also recommended to have been in ballet for (at bare minimum) 2 years before undertaking this. 5 years is preferable. The toe shoes are also quite expensive, and you cannot buy a second hand pair as it is very important that you break them in yourself. The right teacher will not let you start before you are ready, but it can’t hurt to ask.

In short, if you are just now starting ballet you most likely would not reach the point where you could do pointe before graduation.

fishnetofficial: Do you have any tips for nailing more than 3 fouettes (flat or on pointe) consecutively?

I haven’t done ballet in a while but I found this!

Anonymous: I took dance classes over the summer and I really want to start again. Im really flexible (splits, tilt, scorpion, etc.)Everyone else is still really ahead of me. What should I still need to know Ps. I took ballet, jazz, and lyrical

Just practice everything you know regularly, if there’s anything else, they’ll probably teach it in class. You could try Youtube for tutorials on anything specific you want to know more about. HowCast is a good channel.